To Communicate with Charisma

Lyne Marie Germain is a communication coach specialized in unlocking personal charisma. She coaches leaders from all walks of life in their public and private communications.

My mission: to help leaders increase their capacity to influence and inspire their professional entourage by unlocking their personal charisma.

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We are not born with charisma. It is something that can be developed by just about anyone. People can learn to communicate with charisma to inspire and to obtain acceptance!

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Our services

Individual Coaching

Develop your strengths and your personal charisma and inspire people!


How would your professional and personal life improve if you had the capacity to influence people around you? What would you be able to accomplish if you had the support of people around you?

Whether you believe it or not, the way you communicate has an enormous influence on your success in your professional life.

Leaders who are attracted to communication coaching are not people without success. On the contrary, these are leaders who have successfully come up through the ranks.

They have arrived at a stage in their career where their communication skills are no longer sufficient. They are entering an increasingly complex and more political world. Their decisions will affect many more people and they must adjust their communication skills to continue to advance.

The process of charismatic communication

Coaching allows a leader to comprehend the necessary changes and adjustments to one’s communication skills to increase one’s capacity to motivate and influence one’s professional entourage. This approach provides the leader with the tools that are needed for career advancement and at the same time creates a stimulating and constructive environment for staff and colleagues.

Individual or group coaching adapted to your situation and challenges

Length: variable

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Increase your professional credibility using your life story

3-hour Workshop

An exceptional communication tool for leaders

An accelerator for confidence building

To mobilize people around a common objective, a leader must first of all earn their confidence.

Without confidence in the leader, the effort will be short lived. The leader will have to constantly work to motivate each individual. People tend to remain on the defensive, constantly questioning the real intention and the capacity of their leader.

Indeed, people don’t feel encouraged to invest in a project if they don’t know the motivations of the leader.

What to do? What is the solution?

The most powerful tool which exists and is entirely at your service to quickly gain the confidence and respect of people is “your life story” because it contains a ton of information about the person who you really are.

How to use this exceptional tool?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to tell the story of your life to everyone all the time.

The workshop “Increase your professional credibility using your life story” will allow you to understand what you should say and how to say it.

Upcoming workshops and registration

Some extracts from the course are provided in the following video (in French).

Hear what participants have to say about this course in the following video (in French)!


Remarkable public speaking

Course – 2 days

If you need to speak in public at meetings of private or institutional groups, this training is for you.

Practical and transformational, this two-day course will make you a leader capable of delivering highly inspirational messages.

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