Lyne Marie Germain

Communication coach

Lyne Marie Germain coaches leaders from all walks of life in their public and private communications.

Her mission: to help men and women increase their capacity to influence and inspire their professional entourage by unlocking their charisma.

Her approach is unique and based on the observation of thousands of leaders here and elsewhere in the world (France, Morocco, Burkina Faso, England, Brazil) during a 25-year career in the media, mainly at Radio-Canada.

Her expertise helps leaders who come to her, to solidify and increase their capacity to influence. She shows them how they must provide a creative context in order to influence positively and to inspire.

She has developed a process which allows leaders to discover the keys to charismatic communications in any circumstance. This process generates permanent changes in a leader’s interpersonal and public interactions.

Lyne Marie Germain chez Radio Canada
Photo : Radio Canada

A trainer certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail. Established in the law which favors the development and the recognition of workplace skills.

Since 2008, Lyne Marie Germain has launched numerous training seminars and communication coaching in leadership. The training has been taken by political and business leaders, lawyers and members of government or social institutions.

In 2012, she hosted & mediated several heated exchanges between leaders with divergent interests and a conflictual history, to work together towards common goal.


Social Engagements


Lyne Marie Germain is responsible for the speaker committee for TEDxQuébec whose mission is to give a tribune to inspiring individuals who have ideas to share.

YWCA Québec  Programme Étinc’elles

Since 2010, Lyne Marie Germain helps women in crisis who contact the YWCA of Québec by communicating her knowledge about the peaceful resolution of conflicts, both personal and professional, which can influence positively and even inspire their professional and personal entourage.

Créateurs de Paix

Lyne Marie Germain is vice-president of Créateurs de Paix, an organization whose mission is : to promote individual and collective action for peace, by tolerance, respect and harmony through various programs and through collaboration. To focus on human values in promoting peace in a serene and responsible manner.