Remarkable public speaking


Remarkable public speaking

Course – 2 days

If you need to speak in public at meetings of private or institutional groups, this training is for you.

Practical and transformational, this two-day course will make you a leader capable of delivering highly inspirational messages.

Performance gains

  • More impact on the audience
  • More credibility
  • More confidence
  • Less stress
  • Increased capacity to adapt to unexpected situations

A very practical and transformational two-day seminar (20 hours) for anyone who has to speak in public before meetings of private or institutional groups.

Seize this opportunity to learn how to create and deliver unifying and inspirational messages which have the potential to change the lives of people.

You will learn to:

  • Quickly gain the confidence of your audience while reducing your own stress.
  • Maintain your energy and that of the audience in order to create a lasting relationship.
  • Put forward your best points.

Whether you have or do not have experience in public speaking, this training is for you.

Course description:

Training objectives

The training has two objectives:

  1. To improve public-speaking skills and training which mobilizes and inspires the audience.
  2. To reduce participant stress and increase their satisfaction in delivering an inspiring message.


It is highly interactive training allowing the participant to immediately practice new skills to communicate efficiently with the audience. Participants are encouraged to work with their own material. Each participant receives individual coaching in order to maximize their learning experience.

Day 1

  • The principles of inspirational public speaking
  • The different kinds of personalities which you will have to deal with.
  • Two powerful tools to create an authentic and durable relationship with the audience.
  • Who am I standing before the audience?
  • How to establish my credibility by putting forward my best points?

Day 2

  • Creating connections to facilitate the learning process.
  • Exercises: employing and integrating elements learned in training.
  • Video recordings of exercises and feedback.
  • Awarding certificates.

Location: Quebec City

Register soon, because participant numbers are limited due to individual feedback requirements.

Seminar costs are $995 plus tax.


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